Julie Wiggins

Executive Director

Victoria Oxentine

Communications Manager

Linda Slade

Administrative Assistant

Area Agency on Aging

Quinn Griffin

Health Promotion Specialist

Tammy Nelson

Aging Services Coordinator

Tim Price

Compliance Officer

Myles Stacey

Family Caregiver Support Specialist

Stevie Welborn

Regional Ombudsman

Economic Recovery and Resilience

Sarah Price

Resiliency Planner


Julie Page

Finance Officer

Caroline Briggs

Finance Technician

Planning & Development

Michelle Ball

Regional Planner

Kelly Coffey

Senior Planner

David Graham

Transportation Planner

Tatiana Magee

GIS Tech & Planner

Drew Plettner

Regional Planner

Jessica Welborn

GIS Planner

Workforce Development

Rebecca Bloomquist

Communications and Business Services Coordinator

Debra Foxx

Finance and Compliance Specialist