Julie Wiggins

Executive Director

Victoria Oxentine

Communications Manager

Area Agency on Aging

Lola Benfield

Caregiver Program Coordinator


Family Caregiver & Health Promotion Specialist

Stevie John

Regional Ombudsman

Sarah Price

Special Programs Coordinator

Tim Price

Compliance Officer

Economic Recovery and Resilience


Julie Page

Finance Officer

Caroline Briggs

Finance Technician

Planning & Development

Michelle Ball

Regional Planner

Kelly Coffey

Senior Planner

David Graham

Transportation Planner

Tatiana Magee

GIS Tech & Planner

Drew Plettner

Regional Planner

Jessica Welborn

GIS Planner

Workforce Development

Julie Wiggins

Interim Director

Misty Bishop-Price

NCWorks Operations Manager

Rebecca Bloomquist

Communications and Business Services Coordinator

Debra Foxx

Finance and Compliance Specialist